Our Mission

ELSA, LLC strives to provide, design, build, manage and own sustainable and profitable housing specifically tailored to individuals with disabilities. ELSA housing provides independent-living or assisted-living opportunities for tenants. Residents proudly live in private residences and are active members of local neighborhoods.

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What we do

ELSA, LLC serves as a management company handling multiple facets of the real estate business. As a manager of operations, we help oversee and approve the purchase of real estate, along with managing and supervising the design and construction of residences. For rental properties, ELSA, LLC assists with:

  • Administering the rental application process.
  • Establishing and enforcing rental policies and procedures.
  • Communicating with case managers and residents to best meet residents’ needs.
  • Undertaking and retaining collections in order to ensure profitability of properties.
  • Maintaining low vacancy.

Our company works to manage the costs of all properties in the ELSA, LLC portfolio.